Beard-themed party cake! - Cake by Natasha Thomas
Bearded Lumberjack - Cake by MOLI Cakes
The Winter Warlock for "BAKE A CHRISTMAS WISH" collaboration!  - Cake by It's a Cake Thing
Respect the beard - Cake by Petra Krátká (Petu Cakes)
Father Christmas - Cake by Carol
A big hug - Cake by Mellaland
Beard cake  - Cake by Misssbond
Christmas mini cakes - Cake by Karen's Kakery
SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN! - Cake by Fabriquilla de Azucar
Moustache Cake - Cake by Bakedincakedout
Duck Dynasty - Cake by Sarah Myers
Santa cake - Cake by Sweet Harmony Cakes
Beard & jumper dessert table - Cake by Beth Mottershead
Christmas cake - Cake by ClairebearsCakes