Adult Cakes

Strippers Booty Cake - Cake by Roberta
1950's - Cake by funni
Dirty thirty - Cake by Emmabonjour
Bacardi 151 Bottle Birthday Cake - Cake by Michelle Allen
Open Blanket 10th wedding anniversary - Cake by funni
Lady in the bath - Cake by Sara Lamb
The cancan - Cake by Bubba's cakes
One man and two ladies. - Cake by SLBakes
Circuit board - Cake by Natalie Alt
Leap Year Lou's birthday cake - Cake by femmebrulee
Dirty Thirty birthday cake for a girl that likes a little horseplay... "Thirty Shades of Bay" - Cake by femmebrulee
Over The "Hills" - Cake by Angel Chang
food on the cake - Cake by funni
Camping cake - Cake by Random Acts of Sweetness