ROCIO ( Mis dulces dias )


ROCIO ( Mis dulces dias )

Dec 2013 186 MADRID

my passion for cake decorating began when I qedo pregnant. I love cooking, pies, desserts .. but I wanted something unique and special. something that when I saw my little girl stay with his mouth open for their colors and shapes. At that moment began my apprenticeship .. have already been 7 years and two daughters and lots of sugar ^ ^



Viorica Dinu

your cakes are very nice

ROCIO ( Mis dulces dias )

Viorica . thank you very much. your cakes without too precious ^ ^


Gracias por tus comentarios Rocio!!!! Hermosos tus trabajos!!!!

Little Apple Cakes

Thanks for the follow Rocio, your cakes are amazing :)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Thank you for following me! Your creations are all so lovely! Following you now as well!

Mayte Parrilla