Celebration Cakes

Swan Cake Topper - Cake by Crumb Avenue
Wedding cake  - Cake by Sunny Dream
A Craig and Karl inspired cake - Cake by Midtown Sweets
Divorce/celebration cake - Cake by Kathy
Celebration cake easter - Cake by Cake Garden
Homo neanderthalensis  in the cave - Cake by SojkineTorty
Modern cake - Cake by Frajla Jovana
Hand Painted Puppy - Cake by Victoria - Cherrylicious Cakes
Pirate Birthday Cake  - Cake by Calli Creations
Car lover - Cake by Neha Binnany
Same Sex Wedding Cake - Cake by Authentique Bites by Ekta & Nekta
Food cake - Cake by dina sokker
Transformed - Cake by Mariya's Cakes & Art
Rustic Wedding Cake - Cake by Theresa
Gold Crackled Wedding Cake - Cake by Theresa
Quilted Wedding Cake - Cake by Theresa