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Macaron Thanksgiving

I love macarons and these were my contribution to the Thanksgiving family gathering. The platter is isomalt, the turkey boy is 50/50 fondant & gum paste. And the macarons: Chocolate/salted caramel; Pistachio/pistachio cream; Berry/blackberry&raspberry smbc; Coffee/spiced mocha smbc & Pumpkin/white choc. pumpkin ganache. A special thank you to Linda Wolf and her tutorial. Due to severe weather I never made it to my family’s gathering but I have lots of yummy macarons :)

thanksgiving macarons fondant gum paste turkey isomalt cookies


Elli Warren

So cute!! just lovely! :-)


Fantastic! Well done! :-)


Love the turkey. Linda’s tutorial is awesome.

Jeanne Winslow

Thank you everyone! Goreti, I loved that tutorial. I will probably use it again down the road.


Very clever Love it

Linda Wolff

Goreti wrote and told me you had used my turkey tutorial! You did an amazing job on your little guy! I’m always so excited that someone thought that the tutorial was good enough to use. THANK YOU! You just made my day! I’m just sad that the weather kept you home. =O(

Jeanne Winslow

Thank you Linda. This was my first sculpture that didn’t involve a mold and your tutorial was wonderful!

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Macaron Thanksgiving