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Seals, boat and puppies cake with jewellery cupcakes

I made this cake for a friend who’s husband is a jeweler. He has a rib boat which got stranded on a bed of rocks when the tide went out in Douglas harbour and she wanted this to be the theme, she also wanted jewels and their
cocker spaniel puppies to be incorporated. we have seals in the isle of man shores so i thought it would be fun to have them taking over the stranded boat and finding jewels from the treasure chest, i thought it would be nice for the puppies to build him a sandcastle on the beach! My inspiration for the boat was from a pic i found on the internet by vh cakes, she made an actual large wonderful rib boat cake. the large round jewelery mold on the cupcakes was from the wonderful MelSugarMamas Etsy shop! i hope you like it and thank you looking :-)

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boat seals beach puppies treasure chest



So cute

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Jo! :-)


Wow, elli! This is amazing.


Elli, this cake so cute, i love everything, the composition, the seals …great job <3


So cute:)

Elli Warren

Thank you so much Luna, Sweetlin and glamorouscakes!! :-)

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

LOVE it Elli! Everything you do has such meaning and purpose! Too bad that can’t be taught or I’d take lessons from you =D

Cakes ROCK!!!

Fantastic!!! So creative!

Sofia Costa (Cakes & Cookies by Sofia Costa)

adorable Elli! :)xx

Benni Rienzo Radic

This is so cute!!! I love it.


So adorable how you incorporated the story of the boat getting stranded on the rocks, and that he’s a jeweler, and the seals….all of it is amazing!!

Elli Warren

Aww thank you Violet, you are so sweet! you don’t need any lessons in anything!! your cakes are amazing!! :-)

Thank you so much Christy, Sofia and Bennie!! :-)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment jan!! :-)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Really Beautiful, Elli!!!!! I mean really really beautiful!!!!!!! It is so detailed, I can’t imagine how many hours it took you to do it!!!!!!

Sweet Janis

Amazing Elli!!!! So many details! I love it!!!!!!Xx

Elli Warren

Thank you so much CakeHeaven and Barbara for lovely comments!! :-)

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Seals, boat and puppies cake with jewellery cupcakes