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Peony and Scrolls

I love when a client lets you do whatever you want with a cake! I’ve been wanting to try making a gumpaste peony for some time now and also have an excuse to try out my Cricut Cake. This little 6 inch MMF covered cake is the results. TFL.

-- Naomi, http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Tea-Party-Cakes/105772839489341

birthday green pink white cake chocolate peony scrolls cricut cake


Kays Cakes

gorgeous !!

Tea Party Cakes

Thank you! :)

Benni Rienzo Radic

Really pretty!!! I can’t believe you did that with a cricut. So beautiful.

Sheryl BITO

very pretty! i have a cricut too but i never managed to get a clean cut like yours. any tips for woeful me? lol

Tea Party Cakes

Thanks BITO, I roll out my gumpaste to #4 on my KitchenAide pasta attachment then smooth it onto the greased cutting mat (make sure there are not air bubles), pop it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. While that’s in the freezer get the machine ready to cut your pattern. After 5 minutes, rush it over and cut. I only did two cuts at a time because the gumpaste thaws quickly. I did try leaving in the freezer for longer, but found that the gumpaste dried out a bit and then my cuts were more jagged. HTH.

Lesley Wright

Beautiful! Love the colour combination and your peony is gorgeous!

Sheryl BITO

thanks Naomi, that is definitely helpful. I shall give it a try in the future. xo

Pia Angela Dalisay Tecson

So clean and so elegant!!!



Tea Party Cakes

Thanks everyone!


So beautiful! Thanks to you, I’m going to dust off my Cricut box I ordered months ago that I haven’t actually used yet… so thanks for the helpful tips on how to do it :) Love your cake!

Elena Z

Gorgeous! You have inspired me to use the Cricut 2 I ordered some months ago but have yet to actually use for fear of complete and utter failure! :)


this is gorgeous! i am thinking of buying a CRICUT machine but not sure how it works really…to obtain a pattern like your, do i need to buy several cartridges, or do i simply program the machine as if it was a PC?

Tea Party Cakes

Hi thecupcakesalon, this pattern is from the Cake Basics cartridge which was included with the Cricut Cake machine. Any Cricut Expressions cartridge can be used with the Cricut Cake.


Just beautiful!

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Peony and Scrolls