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Adventure Time Cake - Birthday Time!

woo! I LOVE adventure time, so when my son requested the theme for his birthday cake I was excited!
Im just abit miffed I didnt have as much time to spend on it as usual (i had more tiers/characters planned) but I just didnt have the time

Main thing is he still loved it though :)


adventure time finn jake princess bubblegum cake ice king tree trunks peppermint butler marceline snail birthday


Michal Bulla

Very pretty! I can recognize your work seeing the picture.

Little Cherry

aww wow thats such a compliment! I often can take a look at a cake and say…“thats _____ work!” just by the style.
So for you to say you can recognize it, im totally chuffed! thank-you!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Fantastic! Your Representation of this cartoon is Spot on! And it so clean…lovely colors!!! Love it!’


super! I might use it for inspiration for my son’s coming birthday :)

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Adventure Time Cake - Birthday Time!