Dove/Bird - How to

Dove/Bird - How to

To do this bird:

1. Get a ball of gumpaste or fondant (w/ tylose powder) and roll using your hand to make a cone shape.

2. Then shape the head using your fingers (just to make the indentation)

3. I used yellow gumpaste to make the beak. Get a small ball of gumpaste and roll into cone shape. Get a scissor and cut halfway to make the open beak. Attach using melted chocolate. Get a piece of paper and put in between the cut (beak). The paper will be replaced by the twig that you will be making later.

4. Bend the bird and insert a stick (skewer or lolipop stick)

5. Flatten the smallest end to make the tail and score them using your pallete knife

6. To make the wings, I use the Wilton leaf cutter (the biggest one). try to re-shapre the widest end to make it more rounded and then score the wings as shown in the photo.

7. Get a small bowl and put cornstarch powder – you will use this to dry the wings so it will dry to the position you want.

8. The next morning attach the wings using melted chocolate.

9. Make the twig using gumpaste and let it dry. Once dry, attached to the beak using melted chocolate.

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