Toy Story

Toy Story
Toy Story Toy Story Toy Story Toy Story

Lots of love and a steep learning curve for this Toy Story cake. My first standing animals on 4 legs and hind legs!! All figures are gumpaste and are handcrafted with details painted on.

The clouds are Royal Bakery clouds and I have to say her tutorial is amazing.

Thanks for looking! :)


Oh Jacinta of course this went straight to my faves. Love this cake and your modelling of all the animals and Buzz is fabulous xx

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Izzy and Sarah you guys are so wonderful to me… week in week out and I think the world of you. Elli that is so lovely of you thank you! I tried uploading close ups of Woody and Buzz about 10 times but it wouldn’t let me for some reason??! I even did my highly IT thing of the reboot with no luck lol

Totally, incredibly, stunningly AWESOME!! And I hardly ever use that word! Completely brilliant Jacinta :) xxxxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

I had to come back and look at it again! :-)

Isabelle, UK,

Jacinta, I totally agree with Rae, this is awesome!!! I can’t even think how you guys are able to make all these figurines that look exactly like the originals…. It is just beyond me, totally :-)
Oh, and did I mention it is a beautiful cake!!!

Dina @ miettes,

Absolute mind blowing perfection. Seriously I know I shouldn’t be surprised by how amazing your modelling is, but every cake you make leaves me in awe of you and your talent.