White floorboards

White floorboards

There is a lovely little story to go with this cake.

My husband and son are floorsanders & polishers. They are doing a job at the moment for a lovely couple in Bentleigh. My husband said to the lady of the house yesterday. “We will be back here on Saturday to finish the job” (He and our son are only sanding the floor, and the couple are going to paint it white). The lady looked a little shocked and said “really, because we are getting married on Saturday. The only people who know are the photographer and the people at the registry office. We thought we would go out for lunch afterwards and then come back home and paint the floor”.
Not exactly a memorable wedding day…Or maybe it is.
So my dear husband asked me if I could make them a little cake just for the two of them, hence the white floorbaords on the cake.

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

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Oh what a wonderful thing to do…what kind souls you and your husband are! How lovely :)

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia https://www.facebook.com/cakesbyraewyn