My first rose on wires

My first rose on wires

I never liked this technique. I do not sympathetic wires in edible matter. But everything has to try … And so ended my first experiment. :-)



Do you ever sleep? ;-)

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

Yes, sometimes all night… :-))))


Wow, very nice. Love that color.

It’s beautiful! It looks just like a real rose!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Oh thank you! I see many imperfections!


I can’t believe that’s your first rose! Congrats on the great job :)

Erin, Wild Orchid Baking, New Hampshire,,

to wildorchid. Thank you! I did have a lot of roses, but first on the wires :-)


this is wonderfully done. I tried to do a rose but it didn’t go so well. Yours if flawless.

Several times I don't succeed but I must keep trying!!