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Dr Who 21st mud cake

21st birthday cake for a Dr Who enthusiest. Dalek and Tardis are made from RKT.

-- Kath's Cakes

Thanks Sasi, my biggest fan, haha. :-)
Haven’t done any cakes pops yet , didn’t have any off cuts, what about you?

-- Kath's Cakes

Thanks Elli for looking and commentibg, much appreciated. :-)

-- Kath's Cakes

You are welcome. LOL :-) I am….
Same here….Theodore was the last cake and the left overs got eaten before I even thought about cake pops!!!. I did buy the cake pop trays couple of months ago but haven’t got around to doing any yet but now instead of baking them should use the carved out bits to do it ;-). Will wait for the next cake :-)

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

awesome cake!!! my daughter wants a DW cake for her birthday in February…. time to start planning LOL

-- Candy, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Thanks Candy, I didn’t realize how popular Dr Who was until I put my cake on my fb page. I got an overwhelming response, also got another 4 cake orders from it, how good is that! Can’t wait to see the cake you do! :-)

-- Kath's Cakes