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An Icing Color Adventure and/or Who went Nuts with the Edible Pearls?

Ok, so I have a contract with a business in my town in which I provide their monthly birthday cakes. They do not want anything elaborate deco wise and only need a cake to serve 12 people. They prefer that I use natural based flavorings whenever possible and encourage me to experiment, which I love to do! This request was for a marble cake with lemon buttercream and boy did it become an adventure because instead of using lemon extract I opted to use lemon juice and zest in the icing and that changed up the coloring of the icing because the juice was bleaching the icing color…duh :-)! Anyhow after a long session of icing tinting, and not knowing how I got there ;-), I settled on the ‘rust, but not’ color and then broke out the edible pearls. I was going for one of those old-fashioned beaded bracelet looks :-).

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

This is beautiful! I love how perfectly placed everything is. Great job!

-- Shey

Awe, thank you Sheila! Your kind words are most appreciated!! Happy Baking!!! :-)

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

Awe, thank you Jess!! And yes that was what I was going for when the pearls came out…lol!! Happy Baking!! :-)

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

Very elegant, simple, and vintage. Love it! You’re still the CAKE STAR!!!!

-- Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

Thank you so much Lydia!

Thank you so much Miss Monica!!! You are too cute!! And you my dear are the CAKE STAR!!!! :-)

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

It is very pretty, I really liked the pearls.

-- Aida

Thank you so much Aida! I bought the pearls from Sugarcraft and even though you have to apply them one by one, they sure do ‘pop’ a cake i.e. it is worth it or at least I think so :-)!

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe