High Tea

High Tea
High Tea

These cupcakes or “mini cakes” were created for a sugar art competition in a cupcake confection category.

Each tea cup is hand carved, covered in fondant, hand painted with edible color and fixed to a matching saucer also made of sugar and hand-painted. A handle is then put on as well as royal icing piped details and edible gold glaze accents. Each little teacup cake has a unique design to represent a mismatched collection of vintage fine china. There are even sugar tea bags that seem to be suspended in the swirling cup of hot tea, and hand-painted tea labels.

Roses, rose buds, and rose leaves are also made of sugar and hand crafted to look as real and delicate as possible.

These little teacups won First Place in the CO ICES Sweet Times in the Rockies Sugar Art Show!

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Oh my Oh my, these are breathtaking! You are amazing! What skill you have with the handpainting, along with your cake artistry.

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Your skills are over the top! The ‘tea bags’, blew me away. Awesome!

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