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Rainbow Cake

My children know when I make their cakes that the sky is the limit. This was made to match my little girl’s party invitation. It was way bigger than we needed, but it sure was fun to make!

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birthday rainbow party cake girls birthday cake


Alvilda Breeze

What a lovely bright cake. A childs dream.

Tiffany Palmer

Great job! Love all the colors!


this is excellent ! love the colors!

Carol Vaughan

That is fabulous! Any worry about the kids climbing the walls with the colouring? Whatever, it’ll wear off eventually – this is a thing of beauty! I’d have loved this as a child – heck, I’m 41 and I’d love it now!!!


Love it, your kids are very lucky!


brilliant! love how bright it is



Kristen Babcock

Thank you all! The colors weren’t all that bad, actually. I was told to use the neon colors instead of the usual ones I’d use and they came out much brighter and I didn’t have to use as much. Good to know!

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Rainbow Cake