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Tiffany Inspired Coach Purse Cake with Platform Shoe

I made this cake for a customer’s 24 birthday. She wanted the cake to be pretty shade of blue with make-up and a high heel shoe. Everything is edible.



-- Truly Custom Cakery, LLC

Wow! Nice work!

-- Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

How did you do the print edible immage or by hand if you don’t mind me asking? It’s flawless


Did you use a template for your shoe? It is gorgeous! I want to make one for my daughter who turns 26 in June and need to find a template or something. Thanks!

-- Karen

Hi Karen! I didn’t use a template, but there is one available through the link below.

Several people have told me that they have used it, and were able to adjust it to the size that they need. I hope this helps.


Thanks so much!!! You are awesome!

-- Karen