Possum (jules)




Shaggy Dog

This was made for a little girl who can never wait till her next cake lol she will talk about it all year long (Driving her mum mad) hahaha But the smile on her face each time is priceless, I really loved doing this one it was fun BUT a bit nerve Racking as she was waiting for me to finish!!! She came early because she couldn’t wait :0 lol

-- Jules @Edna & Ethel's Cake House/Marzipan Moon and Sugar Dust Stars

birthday lemon


Take The Cake

Awww wow soo cool :)

Possum (jules)

Thanks MelzT ;) x

Elli Warren

This is gorgeous! love the wet look nose and his tongue! just brilliant! :-)


Great cake

The Cake Tin

haha, nothing like an audience lo. It’s fabulous.


well done!

Possum (jules)

Thank you :) xx

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Shaggy Dog