Ninja Turtles Cake

Ninja Turtles Cake
Ninja Turtles Cake Ninja Turtles Cake

I made this cake for my grandson’s 5th birthday. He changed his mind a few times from dinosaurs, Jake & Captain Hook to Ninja Turtles. I also had to do a little research, because he wanted them to hold their weapons, and the correct weapon had to go with the correct turtle! I’m getting a little more comfortable with modeling, but only needed to make their heads and hands, so they weren’t too difficult! So funny that my 30 year old son had a Ninja Turtle party for his 7th birthday. Ninja Turtles have been around awhile! Thank you so much for checking out my cake!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,


Toni this cake is amazing!! Every tier is perfect! From the pizza board to the city to the bricks to your fabulous Ninja Turtles coming out of the sewer!!! All the little details are amazing! I’m sure your grandson LOVED it!

This is the best ninja turtle cake EVER! I love everything about it! My daughter maria told me to make sure I tell you “Its awesome”. :-)

Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

Thank you so much Ellie for the sweet comments. I think we all go out of our way to make our children and grandchildren’s cakes extra special! My grandson really did love it!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you Diane!! Tell your sweet daughter thank you too! It’s quite a compliment!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Yes, my grandchildren are why I wanted to learn to decorate. I wanted to make fabulous birthday cakes for them!!!

This cake is adorable!!! The ninja turtles are so cute!

Ashwini, India,,

Thank you so much Ashwini! Your talent is amazing! I adore your peacock and orchid cake!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

oh fantastic!!! what a GREAT cake! :)

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