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Yo Gabba Gabba Sweet Treats

Yooooo Gabba Gabba Party Sweets made by yours truly :)

-- Annie -

WOW Annie!!! This is Fantastic!!! Love love love!!!

-- Ann-Maries Cakes

You are just so talented to get all of that work done!!

-- Nancy Ferguson

Thank you guys. I think i went insane lol :)

-- Annie -

So colorful! this is such an awesome cake!

-- zahra,, TX

Ahh this is Perfect!!!

-- Komel - KC Cakes

This is the BEST Yo Gabba Gabba cake I’ve ever seen.


Wow everything looks amazing! What are the “lollipops” made of?? And I love the cake cups in the background :)

-- Visit me on Facebook :)

thank you :) the lollipops are actually oreo pops. they are just oreos dipped in chocolate :)

-- Annie -