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Baroque Princess Cake

Here is my First Princess Cake.
I did this as an experiment and a bit of fun one day as I had been given a Barbie topper a while back so decided to have a play. The cake is a sponge covered in white chocolate Ganache and I got those colours by putting the mixture into several bowls, colouring with concentrate paste (so you don’t use much) and then placing it in the tin to bake. I then covered her in fondant and did gold brush embroidery on the outer skirt and some in the front. The paving I did by combining two techniques I have used on two other cakes thus creating this effect. Dead simple and super-quick to do (5-10 min max). This doll took 1 day to do (bake to finish), which makes it a commercially viable cake as the costs and time are low and they are such fun and all those little princesses out there love them too :)

A tutorial is currently in progress on my doll cake due to loads of requests I have received. You will be able to view this in a few days on

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Gorgeous Calli, can’t wait to see the tutorial, this cake has such lovely effects, & loving the rainbow cake

-- Jo, NZ,

Its gorgeous! Well done x

-- Cakelicious

Now THIS is how you do a doll cake!!! by far the most stunning doll cake I have ever seen Calli! But then everything you do is magical! Sheer perfection Mamma! :) xxxx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia


-- Analaria1

OH MY GOODNESS!!! you guys!!! thank you so much… tut is underway as I write :)

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I love the sumptuous colours on this cake x

-- ClairellaCakes Essex UK

Great work Calli!! Love the progress story, it reminded me about my last princess cake I did…lol!! Your work is way beyond GORGEOUS!! Love every detail!! xoxo


Another amazing cake. I love the surprise multi-coloured marble cake inside. I have a pantomime dame cake to design, and this has really inspired me!

-- Samantha Pilling, Bite Me Bakery Limited UK, or

WooooW!!! This is sooo beautiful and intricate love it!

-- I aspire to inspire before I expire! - A. Morelli,

This has got to be the best dressed doll cake I ’ve ever seen! Her dress is exquisite! Looking forward to the tutorial, you generous and lovely artist. :) xxxx

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake!

I agree totally with Pauline! Couldn’t say it better :-)

-- Dina @ miettes,