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Bubble Guppies

I made this cake for a Great Grandfather and his Great Grandson who were celebrating their birthdays together. My daughter watches this show everyday. I tried to stay true to the theme. The figures were made of gumpaste and fondant. The toughest part for me was making the figures without any support in their bodies. Because this was being made for a One year old I didn’t want to put tooth picks or spaghetti strands in them incase he wanted to grab them. I made their necks longer and used that as support after they were dry. To my surprise it worked. TFL!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

What a perfect cake! I love the figures!! You did an amazing job!!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Beautiful.. Very nice and clean work..

-- Baking is theraupatic...

Thank you so much Ladies appreciate your comments!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

This cake is spectacular! The details are perfect!

-- Dakota's Custom Confections

Thank you Dakota! Huge fan of your work!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

Thank you so much Shereen!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

Awe, thank you Ann-Marie! I adore YOU! ;-) Thanks for commenting!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,


-- Bobie - OUT-OF-THE-BOX Cake Design