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My Vintage Jewlery Collection Cupcakes

My Vintage Jewellery Cupcakes were my entry at Cake International Excel 2013. I was awarded Gold and came 4th in my class. I love vintage and antique jewellery so my entry was inspired buy own collection.

The Mirrored Mosaic stand which I also made myself was inspired by expensive jewellers and their love for mirror to display the beautiful jewels.

I really loved creating these. Many of the details were crafted and modelled by hand. I used some pre made moulds and for some pieces I made the mould’s myself, using my own charms, pendants and necklace’s.

My two favourites were my charm bracelet and pocket watch. Although during the many hours it took me to make them I may have not felt the same….

These to date are my most favourite cakes to make. This was my first ever Cake International entry and I loved it so much that I’m already planning my entry for next year.