African Wedding Cake

African Wedding Cake
African Wedding Cake African Wedding Cake African Wedding Cake African Wedding Cake

This was my first ever cake entry into CAKES INTERNATIONAL LONDON. 2013. … I was over the moon to be awarded a SILVER Award for this cake.

The entire creation I did in 9 days with the design work done in 6.

True to my roots of my life in Africa, I was inspired to use aspects of my life out there. I used dummy cakes which I royal iced then decorated with mixed mediums of cocoa butter and edible paints and pastillage.

This cake was damaged in transport at the top, the spears broke into pieces as did elephant tusks (which I managed to repair) the masks fell off too and lost some of the hair I had royal iced.

The Judges were so complimentary which made me so happy and relieved. I was told if I had put cake boards under the dummies it would have been a gold, but quite honestly I was SO jolly happy about my SILVER Award as was not expecting it at all.

Zebra print and bushman painting effect is hand painted. Base cake is also hand painted.

Huge thanks to Jay Rolfe of Just Jen Desserts for some of these fab photos. Much appreciated …

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This is amazing! Congratulations on your silver prize! If it was up to me you would have had Gold!

K@rEn --

Stunningly beautiful! Love everything about it especially the awesome sugar figures and your amazing hand paintings! Congratulations on silver! :) xxx

Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Fabulous Stunning cake Calli. Brings back loads of happy memories of Africa. Congratulations on the Silver ( this time I got it right even though I wanted to write Gold :-))

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Congratulations Calli. I honestly don’t know what impacts me more with you, your amazing caking ability, you incredible painting skills, or you incredible vision. You really are a true artist. So very very talented and so admired and respected by so many of us for your amazing talent and your kindness <3


Breathtaking!!!! So beautiful!!! :D


This cake is truely beyond amazing, I love the esquistie little details only you could bring Calli, congrats on winning silver for this cake, you are one talented Lady <3

Jo, NZ,

Calli, this cake is stunning! There are so many aspects to this cake and each time I see it i notice something else I hadn’t seen before. Congratulations on your silver and such a fantastic achievement. xx

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

No words to describe this cake…you are just AMAZING!!!
Congrats Calli!

Karla, Italy,