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Sesame Street

This was a birthday cake for one of our dear friends’ daughter – Lily. I bet you’re wondering where Oscar’s trash can is. Sadly, as I was putting the characters on the cake, the silver gumpaste trash can slipped from my hands and shattered into a million pieces. It was a sad day.

-- Komel - KC Cakes www.facebook.com/kccakes

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Benni Rienzo Radic

This is fabulous! I love it. Your characters are perfect. Can or no can…look great!

Komel Crowley

Thank you for your sweet words!

It's a Cake Thing

The Characters look fabulous! Great job on this cake.

Komel Crowley


Tea Party Cakes

Your characters are fabulous!


That is an amazing cake! love the SS characters…so EXACTLY like they should!

Judy Remaly

Cute cake…fantastic job on the characters!


this is such an awesome cake. I love how the base works well with the overall learning theme of sesame street

Peggy Does Cake

Great job! Sorry about the trash can. Lucky for you the cake is still awesome without it. xx

Cake Creations by Christy

Awesomely cute!! And I didn’t even notice that the trash can was missing! :)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What an awsome cake. I love all the characters! I especially love big bird with the birth sign crossed out and bird put in instead. Reads Happy Bird Day instead of Happy Birthday! So darn cute!!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

AMAZING FIGURES!!! Sorry about Oscars Trash can…I hate it when that happens!

Kays Cakes

love this, i grew up watching sesame street, this is just awsome!!

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Sesame Street