Stew for Stu

This is my first ever fondant cake and I made it as a suprise for my father who I followed into the industry as a Chef. I was wanting to do something Chef related so decided to play on the pun Stew for Stu (Stuart). The Cake is Feijoa and Banana flavor with Feijoa buttercream. This cake was originally inspired by Lesley from Royal Bakery and was possible during a few classes with Jo from Ciccio Cakes.

Update – Cake all edible with Sugarpaste Lid, wooden spoon & recipe…the vegetables & Meat are modelling chocolate, gravy is Piping gel mixed with Chocolate ganache & Ivory gel colour

-- Ian T

birthday red cake


Michal Bulla

Great job!


very nice


Fantastic cake Ian considering everything is edible with rhe lid & wooden spoom sugarpaste veges and meat modelling chocolate and gravy a mix of piping gel ganache and americolour ivory gel colour
well done so proud of my first student

Calli Creations

Aww This is incredible work… It looks totally real… Well done wow….. And how chuffed you must be too Jo with this wonderful work from your first student

Unusual cakes for you

thats awesome, looks so real its making me hungry


Yes Calli….. Ian made for a very good student so proud & his girfriend also helped with the meat pieces & recipe card…I think his Dad would have been so proud as he is a Chef & Tutor up at our local Polytechnic
Robin the Stew was uncanny looked so real

Calli Creations

Agreed Jo…. It’s remarkably real… No stone left unturned xx

Clairella Cakes

Great attention to detail, amazing cake. If this is your first fondant cake I can’t wait to see more! x

The Cake Tin

Oh this is soooo awesome Ian. I got a sneak peek at some of the bits and bobs during the making of this cake. It looks so unbelievably real. You are so lucky to have Jo as a teacher, she totally rocks. Watch this get into daily top 3 :)


Would be so awesome if it did Sarah :-)


Thanks guys for all your nice comments!! Dad was totally chuffed and was still going on and on about it this morning :) It was so funny watching everybodies reactions while tasting the stew and veges. My family are normally quite simple with things like this, so naturally they were shocked when they saw it!! Can’t wait to get some more inspiration, already have people demanding for birthday cakes :)


Thanks Robin!! Was strange eating the stew and veges – eyes, mind and taste buds weren’t agreeing on this one LOL they knew something was up!

Eat Cake

Such an awesome cake! Also can’t wait to see more!


Thanks Kerry! been running ideas through my head all evening! Think I’ve caught the bug :)


Congrats on Daily top 3 Ian well deserved this was such an awesome cake