Little Miss Spider

1/2 sheet iced in BC with MMF decorations. Special request of b-day girl to have a cute and girly cake with a pink spider on it! My husband commented while I was making this cake “…so, are spiders the new owl now?” I had to laugh- he’s really keeping up on the cake trends :D

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birthday pink cake


Lisa-Jane Fudge

You have done it again….So cute, and so is your husbands comments. :)

Benni Rienzo Radic

Cutest spider cake ever. Who would ever say cute and spider together…lol. Beautiful job!

Tea Party Cakes

I love this cake! I never thought I would say that about a spider cake, but this one is just to cute!


Thanks guys- I wasn’t too sure at first about mixing ‘cute’ and ‘spider’ together. Evidently this new 3 yr old was really impressed with some cakes she’d seen around Halloween and wanted her own- but pink- little ones are so darn cute when they get an idea in their heads!

Cake Creations by Christy

So Cute!!


gorgeous! and ooooohhhhhh so cute

Tiffany Palmer

Adorable. Well done.

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Corrie your Hubby is right The Spider will be the New Owl now! Awesome…This is one of my favs!


Ha ha! Love your husband’s comment. Great job mixing cute and spider! What a hard task, but you did it so well!

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Little Miss Spider