Interactive Cake

Interactive Cake
Interactive Cake
Interactive Cake
Interactive Cake

Painted by their owners :)
Fondat and edible paint… et voila!

Viva la Tarta ,


Fab idea, was the fondant hard enough to be coloured on?

Sophia's Cake Boutique, for cakes that are divine by design.

Thanks ladys!

Sophia: Yes, the fondant was perfect. I covered the cake in the evening and the morning draw.
My English is very bad, excuseme please.

Viva la Tarta ,

What a great idea. The kids must have loved it!

Love it!!!…I’m gonna try it for the Father’s Day… my little princess gift for her father :)

What a fabulous idea, such fun

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Fabulous idea.Lots of fun for the kids.


What a fabulous idea…I loved it. Must make one for my daughters’s birthday.

Tiraz3133 @ Malaysia

That is a really nice original cake :) xx

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