Princess cake with Royal Icing tiara

This is one of two identical cakes. They were made for a shared birthday party, both girls named Megan and turning 5. I also made 30 cake pops as favours. There were a lot of late nights this week considering I have a “regular” full time job and only decorate at night and on the weekends. The cake is an 8 inch round with a buttercream finish and fondant / gumpaste accents. The tiara was made from Royal icing and then painted silver. I was really happy with the tiara but nervous as hell to remove it from the wax paper without breaking it. Worked perfectly. TFL.

princess tiara buttercream simple rose purple drop string


Michal Bulla

Very nice!


very pretty!


Pretty – and the tiara’s great!

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Princess cake with Royal Icing tiara