Air Aroha

Air Aroha
Air Aroha Air Aroha Air Aroha Air Aroha

This cake was made for the wedding of 2 Air New Zealand crew members with an antique gold and raspberry colour scheme.

The vintage biplane on top was purchased on ebay and I sanded off the original burnt orange colour and then painted it in antique gold paint. I was originally going to spray paint it but then thought it would come out too perfect, so the brush strokes allowed for some of the metal to show through as well as adding character to the plane.

Bottom tier is a dark chocolate cake with double layers of hazelnut mousse filling and the top is a red velvet (although my red velvet isn’t bright red because I don’t agree with how much colouring goes into those cakes) cake with double layers of vanilla cream cheese frosting.

This is probably one of my most favourite cakes i’ve ever created.

Zeena -