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Special Project - 1st attempt at wired flowers (Blue Stargazer Lilies)

My sister in law asked me to make some Blue Stargazer lilies for a wedding cake topper (small personal wedding) – so I accepted the challenge. I did not realize how time consuming they are!! And the wire I bought would NOT stay straight, and the floral tape kept un-sticking!! Definitely a learning experience – need to watch a few tutorials.

I am very happy with the outcome – although I removed the pistols as I thought they looked better without – and my sister in law was ecstatic and thought they were perfect! :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Crystal Davis, Winnipeg, MB

Nice job! It can be a little challenging making flowers especially wired ones but I love the challenge. Just be careful, I find it addictive. lol The more you do the more you want to try.