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Wedding Cake

Making customized cake is quite a challenge.
The Beautiful Bride Mau showed me a pic I would gonna copy.

I guess I only copied 50% of the design they wanted. The roses would have been
made of fondant, but until now, honestly, I can’t make a fondant rose so I instead used
the whipped cream I used as cake frosting and thank God it came out pretty-looking roses.

And another challenge, if not a fondant, it is hard to make tiered cakes like this.
Attaining smooth finish and razor-sharp edges is quite difficult it would take me hours to do it.

But thank God, i am 80% satisfied with the outcome…

Whewww…way to go before I could perfect customized orders…:-)

-- Vanilla Delights

Thanks so much Goreti! :-)

-- Vanilla Delights

Thanks to you Ana! :-) I am inspired by your comment ;-)

-- Vanilla Delights