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Hurricane Sandy Relief

This cake is my most special.

I live on the Jersey Shore. Our area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The restaurants we frequent, my yoga studio, the place we get bagels on Sunday, our beaches, our playgrounds, our marinas and the homes of old friends and clients. Many of the venues that I regularly work with were washed away or needed to be demolished.

I spent much time cleaning out flooded homes, tearing out drywall, pulling up floors, sorting donations and doing what I could to support our community. I made this cake for a fundraiser for the town of Sea Bright, NJ, our next door neighbor. It is a sand dune complete with dune grass and fence, seagulls, sandpipers and beach items.

-- Elyse, Joy & Cake, www.joyandcakenj.com

Can I ask how you wrote in the frosting? I tried to do this on a cake of mine but, didn’t have the great results that you did. In the end mine looked ok but, I wasn’t thrilled with it.