Beer Mug Cake

I searched far and wide on the internet for a beer mug cake and couldn’t find one that I liked, so I created this one on my own. I baked out three 4" cakes. Iced them up with a crumb coat and then covered it in yellow fondant. From there, I air brushed some bronze color to make the contours of the mug. The flipped it over and the top was exposed, so I piped ‘drip’ marks with a cupcake icer tip. Next, I melted down white chocolate to spill over the sides to get a more realistic spill look. I cut the handle out of fondant and let dry for a day with tooth picks to hold it in place .

One word of caution – if you place beer caps on the cake, like I did in the second photo… wash them first or the skunky beer flavor will soak into the buttercream.

-- Laura, Cake Designer and Decorator,

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Michal Bulla


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Beer Mug Cake