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Five Little Ducks Cake!

‘Five little ducks went swimming one day!’ Happy first birthday Avina, a cake in the theme of your favourite ducks! This cake was an epic to decorate! 14 hours in total, the stripes alone took 4 hours! Worth it in the end though, i was so pleased with how it looked! Avina smiled and said ‘Duck’ when she saw it which made it all worthwhile!
My photos arent as good as id like for this cake, luckily there was a professional photographer at the event, so look out for decent photos soon!

-- Natalie from

awww that is so sweet!!

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Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

-- Svetlana, Brooklyn,

Natalie, this is such a cute cake… Love the colors, the duckies, the perfect stripes…

-- Dina @ miettes,

Thank you everyone! I used the amazing jessicakes technique for vertical stripes, however the cake was so large that I didn’t have the counter space so had to do it in stages and that brought its own issues!! Lots of frustration and a few tears later I got the hang of it!!

-- Natalie from

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the clean crisp style and the ducks are super adorable!!! Great job!! x