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Carries and Sams wedding cake

Between you and me this is one of my fav wedding cakes I have made this season. It is chocolate under the fondant with gluten free choc for the top tier. It was driven approx. 200km to the venue and thankgoodness made it safe and sound. Thankfully Carie and her mum drove it there cause deliveries really worry me – I know there will be a day when I open the boot and it wont be too flash lol

-- Jo from

It’s beautiful! I can certainly understand your nervousness about deliveries. Although I only make cakes for the family and give them as gifts, I am always afraid that something will happen and I arrive with no cake for the party.

Thank you! and exactly – I worry especially with weddings – what will I present to them instead if it all goes pear shaped…but I guess I should chill out a bit and worry when it happens, though I usually carry extra flowers with me to use as a coverup just in case… :-)

-- Jo from

BEAUTIFUL Jo!!! I think that’s everybody’s concern – Deliveries/Transportation!!! We just want that our" little babys" get there safe and sound!!! lol xxx

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