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Designer High Heel Shoe Fondant

Designer High Heel shoe fondant made by Tante Pollewop


WoW!!!! AWESOME!!! Well done, looks real!!!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

beautifully done!

again I Love all of your shoe’s and this one is so beautiful XXX

Beatiful :)

-- Wanda-Bee

Beautiful and incredibly rwalistic! :)

This is niiiiiiiiiiice!!!! So talented!! I would love to be able to make one like that. Is there a tutorial?

Love it….

-- Simply Delicious Cakes by Pushpa ,

Amazing! Looks like you could just slip your foot right in :).

-- Nicole ---

Wow! Beautiful!

-- SweetLasote

Hello the red and black high heel beautiful shoe. Where can I find the template and instructions?