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Skylander Spyro cake

Now it is the nephews’ round :-). 9th birthday skylander spyro cake. I know the spyro doesn’t look like the original one, It was too scary for my design adviser ( my darling son) ;-) so he picked a cartoon spyro drawing from the net and I tried my hands on trying to make something similar.

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Thats cool.

-- Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes

Thank you so much for your appreciation Michal and Paul

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Thank you for your lovely comment comment Goreti

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

AWESOME!!! You did an amazing job!!! Spyro is gorgeous!!! I have to do one of these for my son this summer!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Thank you so soo much Ana I can’t wait to see your version. I am sure it will be more than brilliant

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Your lovely compliment is greatly appreciated Cecilia

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,


-- SweetLasote