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Modeling chocolate

Celebration time!

Nadia, aka ChokoLate, announces the accomplishment of her long-cherished project – the publication of her book on modelling chocolate, a magic, temptingly tasty, unashamedly gourmand world. The detailed step- by-step illustrations are designed to encourage anyone to try a hand, with support or not from your children, at achieving similar masterpieces. And whatever your choice of design or cake, it is to be consumed irresponsibly!

-- ChokoLate -

Fantastic!! And would LOVE a copy of your book Nadia!! Point me in the right direction!

-- Shawna McGreevy, McGreevy Cakes,


-- CakesStudioEasterBunny

Love it! I think this is going to be a must have book!

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Looking foward to the English version of your book.

-- Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes

Your modeling work is so amazing, congratulations on the book!

-- Nicole ---

Gorgeous as usual! Will definitely be looking for your book!

You really are Amazing!!! Congratulations on the Book!!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Absolutely amazing! you are so talented! Your attention to detail is just awe inspiring! xxx Huge congratulations on the book! So very very deserved!!! xxx


Beautiful work. I too want a copy of your book.

Stunning work!!! Congratulations on your book :)


Congratulations Nadia! Love your work so much- you are an amazing artist!

-- Tatiana,

oh how gorgeous!!! xx

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