Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Easter Bunny

So I was asked to create something special for Easter for Learn Cake Decorating online.
Hope you enjoy it !!!!!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK1P0vqD-5Q&feature=player_embedded

There is no limit for your imagination. A chicken, chick and a Easter egg or an Owl and even a babushka. ;)

Verusca Walker https://www.facebook.com/verusca.walker


Thank you Mel. It is easy, quick and a lot of fun to make. Perfect for teachers and special friends this Easter. ;)

Verusca Walker https://www.facebook.com/verusca.walker

So cute, you’re so clever to think of this

Jo, NZ, https://www.facebook.com/CiccioCakes

I am all about saving time and money Jo ;) You know …. I am a big fan of your work. xoxo

Verusca Walker https://www.facebook.com/verusca.walker

Verusca, this is just genius and so so cute!! As always I am in awe of your talent and creativity x

Kate, Australia - visit me at http://www.facebook.com/thegreedybaker