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Antique Cradle Cake

Here’s the project that my lovely customer told me I could do whatever I wanted with. All she said was that it was for a baby shower, gender unknown. For some reason, I instantly got the idea of a cradle in my head, and went searching the web for a picture of an actual cradle that I liked. Found one that looked something like this and I fell in love! Had to try it! Um…have you ever started a project, and in the middle of it practically shouted to no one at all, “What on EARTH was I thinking??” Yeah, me too. The Lord had mercy on my soul while putting this together. It’s amazing what a little royal icing and some divine intervention can do for your state of being :) All the “wood” is made of a chocolate/gumpaste mix, including the nailheads and the carved “woodwork”. I truly had a BLAST making the decorations for this one. Oh, and did I mention that my airbrush is one of my VERY favorite friends? lol…I’ve got a tutorial coming at the end of the week, showing you how I put it together. TFL!

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Calli Creations

how beautifully made.. you have put so much wonderful detail in this to give it that realistic look.. a really special cake :)


Really Beautiful. So glad you did it different from the standard ones I always see.

Shawna McGreevy

Thanks Calli girl! Trying to get my cakes up to your level! ;) <3

Shawna McGreevy

Thanks Cecilia…I was def trying to do something a bit different. Just so glad it actually worked out, lol!

Fifi's Cakes

incredible detail and such a beautiful design. love it! x

Shawna McGreevy

Thanks Fifi!


Wow! Can’t wait to see the tutorial when you have time to post it. This is great!


Gorgeous!! you did an amazing job!

Shawna McGreevy

Thanks guys!!


Gorgeous so perfect


Gorgeous,so perfekt job !!!


Wow, this is fantastic. Looks so real!

Sarah F

Fantastic job, so lifelike!

Shawna McGreevy

You guys are great! Thank you…

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Shawna this is WONDERFUL!!!! Beautifully Done!!! Love it!! Flawless!!! xxx

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Antique Cradle Cake