Romantic Ruffle Wedding Cake

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It was such an honor to be feature twice on Cake Central magazine . The ruffle techniques I learned from Sharon Wee tutorial. The ranunculus flowers are gumpaste. It is inspired by Jacqueline Butler.

Absolutly BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it from top to bottom!!! Well done!!! Congrats!!!xxx

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-- Fancy Sweets by Reyes

Gorgeous and those ranunculus (thank goodness for spell check lol) are stunning

-- Jo, NZ,

Thanks again ladies! @Ciccio , I’m bad at spelling too! Lol.. Thanks god for spell check! I find making those flowers and sugar roses are always a big challenge for me! Every single time I make them, they never look the same. I just tell myself , I guess this batch of flowers got more miracle grown! But What I learned from Maggie Austin, is that nothing is perfect . And also to embrace your flaw. She said that is what make every cakes unique . :)

I saw this in the magazine and loved it, glad to find you so I can see more of your beautiful work x

-- dazzlelicious cakes

@dazzelicious cake, thanks you ! I love how Cake Central allow a few cake designers to design a cake from 1 inspiration. It great to see how everybody have different ideas and creativity! :)

Veeeerry pretty!! :)

-- Cake Rocks!😆