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Steak Cake

This cake was a request from a client of mine who’s husband is a butcher. She sent me a photo of a specific rib eye steak that she wanted re-created for his 40th birthday and this is what I came up with. He loved it. Now all her friends keep calling me the “steak cake lady”. ;-) Hope you like it.

-- ~Daniela xo

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This is great – I started a diet and this entire dinner looks very yummy… especially the butter on the baked potatoe – LOL…

Komel Crowley

Wow! It looks so real!

Tiffany Palmer

Wow, so well done! Looks very realistic.


That is amazing, good job!!!!!!


Nice! Very good work!

It's a Cake Thing

Thanks so much!


This is pretty darn AWESOME!!!

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Steak Cake