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Stack of Books Cake

Another very early cake, this one was my 3rd one. Lemon cakes were filled with raspberry jam and buttercream. Made for a law school graduate, hence the fondant gavel on top. The lady who ordered the cake wanted all his teachers’ names on the cake – but didn’t want them done as a bookmark. I was stumped until I came up with the idea to list them on a fondant post-it. One of his teachers left mid-year, so I crossed her name off and wrote in the new one. That was his favorite part about his cake. Silly! I have a tutorial for the structural technique for a stack of books cake on my FB Notes page if anyone might want to see it. You can find it here:

Thanks for looking!


stack books graduation graduate law school cake


Benni Rienzo Radic

Love it! Saw your wonderful tutorial for this on your Facebook page too!

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Stack of Books Cake