by Linda




Flower pot girl

This cake was for the daughter of my friend. She has the most gorgeous red hair and freckles

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birthday flower girl


Michal Bulla

Wow, it’s beautiful ;) by Linda

Thank you both :-) xx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

No wonder Richard’s Cakes shared this Linda, it’s fabulous!! :) xx by Linda

Thank you sweetie

Benni Rienzo Radic

So pretty! I love this one.

CourtHouse Cake Company

I adore this girl!!! so unique!! love it!

The Rosehip Bakery

Just love this cake <3 by Linda

Thank you girls, you are the best!!! Big kisss


So adorable!!

Tea Party Cakes

Your flower pot girls are always so adorable! Love!

Bliss Pastry

Linda you are so awesome!


so adorable! by Linda

wow, what a wondeful respons to this cake!! Thank you all so much :-) xx

Calli Creations

Well done on top 3… fabulous design… love the detail x

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Flower pot girl