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Baseball Glove Cake

My client said her son and her new husband (son’s step-father) had a hard time connecting with each other at first. But the new husband (step-dad) gave her son his baseball glove….that was the start of a beautiful relationship. So this cake is a replica of “the glove”. She was very insistant that she wanted the ball in the glove..not beside it….which posed quite a challenge for me….mostly trying to figure out the structure. You wouldn’t think having a ball in the middle would be that hard…but WOW! The cake is butter-vanilla and is carved from 2 9×13 cakes. Iced, covered in fondant and lots of airbrushing :-) TFL!!

-- Sandy T

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That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say, Aldoska! WOW! Amazing work. And there’s some of that airbrushing! :)

Nikki Belleperche

Such beautiful work, wow! So clean and realistic. Great job!

Creative Cakes by Chris

This is amazing! Can’t believe it’s cake! WOW!!!


UUUMMM…………..That is AMAZING!!!!!! I know she must have been beyond thrilled!

Sandy Thompson

Thank you all SO much!! @farmersmom….she actually started crying when she saw the cake. At first I thought she was upset but she said she was just so thrilled. Of course then I started crying :-)

Tea Party Cakes

That is so amazing! I’m racking my brain trying to think of how you made it! Wow, wow, wow!




One of the greatest cakes I’ve ever seen. Such detail. Amazing. KiKo Pops

SugarMommas Custom Cakes

I’m speechless..beautiful work!!!!

Komel Crowley

The details on this cake are just unbelievable!!

Sweets By Monica


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What an AMAZIMG cake!


unblievablely to do a tutorial…I cant even begin to try figuring out how you did it

Lory Aucelluzzo

Wow!!! What an amazing cake!

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Baseball Glove Cake