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Baseball Glove Cake

My client said her son and her new husband (son’s step-father) had a hard time connecting with each other at first. But the new husband (step-dad) gave her son his baseball glove….that was the start of a beautiful relationship. So this cake is a replica of “the glove”. She was very insistant that she wanted the ball in the glove..not beside it….which posed quite a challenge for me….mostly trying to figure out the structure. You wouldn’t think having a ball in the middle would be that hard…but WOW! The cake is butter-vanilla and is carved from 2 9×13 cakes. Iced, covered in fondant and lots of airbrushing :-) TFL!!

-- Sandy T

That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say, Aldoska! WOW! Amazing work. And there’s some of that airbrushing! :)

Such beautiful work, wow! So clean and realistic. Great job!

-- Nikki, So Cal,

This is amazing! Can’t believe it’s cake! WOW!!!

-- Creative Cakes by Chris

UUUMMM…………..That is AMAZING!!!!!! I know she must have been beyond thrilled!

Thank you all SO much!! @farmersmom….she actually started crying when she saw the cake. At first I thought she was upset but she said she was just so thrilled. Of course then I started crying :-)

-- Sandy T

That is so amazing! I’m racking my brain trying to think of how you made it! Wow, wow, wow!

-- Naomi,!/pages/Tea-Party-Cakes/105772839489341


-- Michelle's Sweet Simplicity Cakes

One of the greatest cakes I’ve ever seen. Such detail. Amazing. KiKo Pops

I’m speechless..beautiful work!!!!

-- Nicole - SugarMommas Custom Cakes

The details on this cake are just unbelievable!!

-- Komel - KC Cakes


-- Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

unblievablely to do a tutorial…I cant even begin to try figuring out how you did it

-- Melanie, Southern California,

Wow!!! What an amazing cake!

-- Lory Aucelluzzo