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Buttercream with orange peony

Chocolate vodka cake with chocolate ganache and white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. This cake went to a local auction raising money for the USCG’s “Santa to the Villages” program for the children in rural villages on Kodiak.

-- Rachel, Fondant Flinger New Orleans, LA www.facebook.com/fondantflinger

peony buttercream orange ivory



Beautiful! How on earth did you get the scalloped look? It’s gorgeous and so consistent!

Rachel Skvaril

Thank you! Just use that dot and smear back with a spatula technique but instead of one big dot, I did 5 small dots in a small “c” shape to mimic the peony petals.


For being the Fondant Flinger, you fling the buttercream around pretty darn great too!! Stunning!

Rachel Skvaril

:) Thanks, Corrie! Long, dark, Alaskan winters give you lots of good practice time. :)


i love this cake it is very beautiful

SugarMommas Custom Cakes

This cake is gorgeous!

Rachel Skvaril

Thank you, Nicole and TasteeConfections!


Inspiring….I want to attempt this RIGHT NOW! LOL….love your creative adaptation of the “petal” method of buttercream icing.

Monsi Torres

OMGOODNESS THAT IS JUST SOOO PRETTY! I’m a huge fan of textured buttercream, but I gotta say, this is one of the NICEST one’s I’ve seen!! It might just very well be my MOST favorite!! What round tip would be used to accomplish this (size)? Thank u sooo much for sharing this picture!

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Buttercream with orange peony