I am a teacher by day and a cake designer by night, weekend, school vacation, and more!

I have been baking since I was old enough to read cookbooks and to make a mess in the kitchen. I was fortunate to have an uncle that was a baker and constantly picked his brain about mundane things like icing roses.

After years of making my daughter's birthday cakes (well, most of them), and after my hubby started to join in on the decorating fun, I got serious about cake decorating with repeat requests from friends and friends-of-friends.

Will it be full time one day? Only time (and retirement) will tell!


hi, i dont know if you want to have a look at this, this was the tutorial i used for the blocks you commented on! x



Ange x x x

The Snowdrop Cakery at https://www.facebook.com/thesnowdropcakery

Thank you SO much! You’re awesome! I’ve made some decent blocks, but I’m a perfectionist and always look to improve.

Suanne, www.facebook.com/crazycakes4u