Michael Knight and KITT Cake 🤵‍🚗

 Michael Knight and KITT Cake 🤵‍🚗
 Michael Knight and KITT Cake 🤵‍🚗  Michael Knight and KITT Cake 🤵‍🚗
Proudly presenting the Knight Rider car cake I made for my beautiful hubby boy. Who turned 30 (AGAIN)  a month ago. (God pls pls don't let him grow older!!  )

If you've seen incredible cakes  I make and win awards , it's truly not just myself. There is a better half who's ALWAYS behind me!
He is..
My Mr: Fix
My Mr: Handsome
My shadow
My king,  partner in crimes, my BEST friend and....
the BEST cook ever!
I am incredibly lucky to have all the above in one!
Happy Birthday to the best hubby in the whole universe!

Aaaannnnnddd... did you know it's Knight Rider's 40th anniversary this year too?

If you were born in the 70's and 80's you would've loved the Knight Rider TV series. When we watched it, I think we were about 6 years old, and we still feel so nostalgic.
David Hasselhoff starring as Michael Knight
KITT - Knight Industries two Thousand - 1982 Pontiac Trans Am

Our KITT was a delicious chocolate mud  and teeny tiny Michael Knight was handcrafted  with so much love . I used my friend amazing cake artist Amy Chapman's car cake structure and wheel molds for the car.  Inspired Cakes - by Amy

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