Miss Universe, Sylvie Silva - Portugal Wonders in Sugar

Sandra Smiley
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Miss Universe Sylvie Silva, created for the gorgeous Portugal Wonders in Sugar Collaboration, hosted by the incredible Elisabete Caseiro. The inspiration for my piece was Sylvie Silva, representing Portugal in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2019, strutting her gorgeous costume in the colors of the Portuguese flag. Her radiant smile and delightful beauty make her a fitting tribute to her country. She is made of modeling chocolate on a wire armature with her costume of fondant and assorted sprinkles, her cape of a spring roll wrapper and her headdress of wafer paper.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wow…it looks like real
Fantastic 👏

-- Koki cakes

Fantastic modelling work!So great!I love the details Sandra! Bravo

-- https://www.facebook.com/othonassweetgallery/

Wow that’s amazing

-- 🇬🇧

Thank you for your sweet words, Noha, Othonas, and Jill!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Amazing ❤️

-- Sunny Dram

Amazing modelling, Sandra! Perfect body curves, perfect details! 💖 May I ask what is the meal made of? Is it rice paper?

-- Dáša Krettová

Fantastic work!🎉🥰

-- Arianna Sugar Art

Thank you so much, Sunny Dream, Daphne, Daria, Camelia, and Arianna!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Beautiful!!! A nice company for the fairy I guess!

Thanks, Anna! This one belongs to my neighbor.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Fantastic work! ❤

-- Mis dulces tentaciones

Outstanding work!! Fantastic modeling!!

-- Konstantina